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Saturday, February 15, 2014


     Our country produces the fattest kids in the world.  Childhood obesity will keep our doctors busy for years and it is easy to see why on Valentines Day.
      As usual, kids are loaded up with sweets, cupcakes and pop at my K-8 school.  It's an easy way to please them, like giving candy to a baby. Yesterday was a dentist's dream, almost as bad as Halloween.

      Things were different when students on sugar highs came to my art room.  Before the lesson I required them to discard their Blo-Pops, close the candy bags, and listen to a speech.  
       At the end of my two-minute health talk ("Don't do to your teeth what I did to mine...")
I tried something new, offering them fresh, red, heart-shaped radishes.  
      Few were interested (they look better than they taste) but a nine-year-old offered to try one.  In one second's time he bit into it then spit it out.  Small white chunks flew past me hitting the girl standing to my left.  Fortunately she thought it was funny.
       They're not quite heart-shaped but next year I think I will offer apples.


       There's another giant tent filled with art in Wynwood this weekend.  Here is some of what we saw,  

 Cardboard squares covered this 8-foot critter

 Three monkeys
Some works were still in progres.

Inside the tent

boat on the sidewalk

  We can hear the Coconut Grove Art Festival revving up this morning.   It'll run through Presidents Day. 
 On Monday, the Perez Museum is free if you can prove you took public transportation to get there (info at
Some say with so much going on its a great time to leave.  We'll head into the Everglades manana.

The Grove guy wishes you a happy weekend.

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