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Saturday, February 1, 2014


       Have you seen the article in today's Miami Herald about city commissioner Marc Sarnoff's proposal to "re-brand" Coconut Grove?  He and a few others want to call it "The Nearby Republic of Coconut Grove Est. 1873".

What an awful idea!

    How do they come up with this stuff?
While "re-branding" is not out of the question, this plan is not a good one.        We need a gatekeeper, someone to say "no".  All of us have to say "no" to this lame, unoriginal idea before it gets out of the bag.
    I have t-shirt/artworks company called "The Mango Republic". It is a much better name but we don't need to call the Grove that either.
The Grove doesn't need to be re-branded by,
1) Spending thousands of
tax dollars for this silly campaign, and
2) Putting up two dozen large signs that call us "The Nearby Republic of Coconut Grove Est. 1873".

   And what is the problem anyway?   Do we really need to be a shopping mecca?  Why don't we make the Grove nicer for the people who live here and for those who visit?
Why don't we improve our parks and parking?
Why don't we stop blocking our incredible water views? 
Why don't we improve Scotty's Landing instead of replacing it with a Shula's Steakhouse?

Why don't we build on the things we love about Coconut Grove?  If we make it a better community it will be better for Grove residents and yes,

more shoppers will come.

 The answers seem so simple yet so far away. 
 Write to the BID and Commissioner Sarnoff.  Let them know you oppose their lame idea to "re-brand" Coconut Grove.

Glenn Terry,
"The Nearby Grove Guy, Est. 1947"

PS:  Write to  the BID's director, Manny Gonzalez, at   "". 
 Comm. Sarnoff's at    "".


    In regard to the above, Seth Lefkow sent this
letter to Commissioner Sarnoff ...  

    You want to create a new name to promote  Coconut Grove?  OK, but which cretin picked "The Nearby" name?    There are so many other  choices to consider... Mangoland....... Sarnoffovia.......Gentrification By The Bay...........

   Time was when I would bring my kids to the Grove, visit the Barnacle, buy books at the old book store on Commodore Plaza, have lunch at Scotty's and dinner at the Taurus.  My wife and I would attend the Grove Playhouse regularly and later would usher there as volunteers.  
   I had a magnificent Cat's Eye stone which was made into a lovely ring by a jeweler across the street from the church. My memories of the Grove are many and probably won't fade.

  However, my visits there now are few and very far between.  The Grove in no longer inviting, warm, or friendly.   The bay is only a rumor.  Parking is difficult.  
.  You have not done right by the people of your community.
  Where did The Old Grove go? The Dade County pine house that an old friend and her family lived in for  generations is gone.  The shops and folksy restaurants where one could linger, talk, swap stories, make friends are no more.
     Do right for a change.  Use your powers to restore the qualities that have made Coconut Grove a unique and special place.


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  1. This is the stupidest idea since electing Marc Sarnoff -- twice!!!