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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


   We escaped to an island last weekend, one linked to Miami by the Overseas Highway that leads to Key West.   At Bahia Honda State Park you can have your own piece of beach for a few days, an unparalleled view of the mighty Atlantic. 

There's much to do,
an old bridge to climb,

sunsets to see and kayaks to rent. 

  Sunday morning's sunrise was framed by huge mounds of seaweed.

It lined up on the shore

in chocolate piles

and patterns.

There can be a downside to camping.  Using sharp instruments to cut apples and chop wood, we both managed to draw blood.

On the drive home we stopped to picnic at Anne's Beach in Islamorada.  
       At first we were thrilled to see the sea turtle off shore.  Minutes later we realized it was dead.
                                       Woman photographing dead turtle

We put his swollen eyes behind us, ate the last of the hummus, and headed home.


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