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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


      Join us at the sixteenth annual Gifford Lane Art Stroll in Coconut Grove on Sunday, March 2,  from noon to five p.m. 

   Each year the world’s smallest arts festival attracts more people than you can count. They come to purchase art and to imbibe an exotic cucumber punch.  This results in surprising amounts of dancing in the street.


  You’ll find the Gifford Lane Art Stroll along one normally sleepy , tree-lined  block of Gifford tucked in between Oak and Day Avenues (3200 block), across the street from the tennis courts.
  That's two blocks north of Grand Avenue and one-block east of SW 32d Ave.  Parking is all over or if you can, ride a bike. (Above, the woman who paints rocks)

   There are 63 artists this year.  When you hear about Coconut Grove’s artist community, this is it.  Old-timers often comment that this little festival is the Grove the way the Grove once was. 

King Mango fighting his way out of a Jackson Pollack-Inspired Nightmare. 20x30. Framed, Acrylic on paper, $65
 The festival features the art work of dozens of accomplished artists (and me) set up along the quiet lane. 
King Mango at Van Gogh's Night Cafe. Oil on canvas, 20 x 24", framed $85
Detail from "King Mango at the Nighthawk Cafe". Oil on canvas, 20 x 30", framed, $85

Portraits, Acrylic on plywood, sizes vary, about 12" by 10 ".  $10 each


Hardwood benches

and last year's big hit, fish made from palm tree seed pods

       Francesca and I will be manning our Mango Republic booth on the southern end, across from the tennis courts.  We'll be selling paintings, benches, sculptures, and
those fashionable Mango Republic t-shirts.

It really is a 5-hour party and we hope you can join us this Sunday.


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