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Sunday, June 4, 2017


  Yesterday dozens of cities across the country had "Marches For Truth". They were sponsored by Women's March Miami. In this town the summer heat turned the march into a "rally" and torrential rain turned that into a tent revival.

 Whatever.  The rain did let up for an hour. Hard-core resistors were there to protest having a chronic liar in the White House. 

   Guest speakers included South Miami's
Mayor Phil Stoddard,
 Andrew Gillum (Mayor of Tallahassee  now running for governor), 
and the Democratic superstar from Texas, former mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro. 

Miami's own Javier Jose Rodriguez spoke to the crowd (and the Monkey Man) as well. The Florida senator is campaigning to replace Ileana Ros-Lehtinen in Congress. We need people like JJ in Washington!

 The Haitian dancers were a big hit as well.

    How long can we bear living in a country of lies?  

   Why do so many people still believe the bile coming out of #45's mouth, and others, love the guy despite his "alternative facts"?

    Coconut Grove's Fernand Amandi asked the crowd, "Who would have thought five months ago we'd be spending this Saturday morning downtown -in the rain- fighting for our country?"  He then encouraged us to do something about it.

     We are resisting and hope you are making those calls and writing to our congressmen. Those are two of the many things we do to fight for democracy.

    The Grove's resistance group, Progressive Miami, is having its next meeting on Tuesday, June 6th, 7 p.m., at St. Stevens church.  Join us but if you can't, do what you can to help win our country back.

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