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Sunday, May 21, 2017


       My brother Clay loved gardening. He also loved how Monsanto's weed-killing product, "Roundup", made his life easier. In his mid-50's he was diagnosed with the cancer that eventually killed him. I blame it on the wonders of chemistry.
 A family gathering in Clay's final days

    Several other people I know who grew up around agricultural products have similar problems. Monsanto Inc., the world's largest purveyor of these chemicals, has a death grip on the world. 
    For five years South Floridians who want  a healthier planet have staged annual protests. Yesterday we met near the Arscht Center for another March Against Monsanto.

The Monarch Butterfly Brigade

      Marching for a mile along Biscayne Boulevard we told the world, "We want a healthier,more natural world for the bees, the butterflies, and our children".

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