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Friday, June 9, 2017


     Every month Kitty Roedel, a member of our Progressive Miami resistance group, compiles the “good news” from the previous four weeks and she reads it at our monthly meetings.

There are many smiles and much applause after each item is read. 
We need all the good news we can get.

I thought I’d share Kitty's latest list with you.

               Kitty’s Good News – May-June, 2017

America’s Eagle Scout, Jim Comey calls Trump a liar five times in congressional testimony (June 8th)

Progressives won a big victory in Great Britain. The right wing no longer controls Parliament (June 8th).

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel on Trump/Russia connection.

Jared Kushner is under investigation for Russian ties, along with Flynn and campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Investigators discovered Eric Trump took $1.2 million from a  charity golf tournament that helps kids with cancer, to rent his family's golf course after claiming that he was donating the course for free.

Republican Rep. Chaffetz calls for Justice Dept. Inspector General to probe 45’s firing of James Comey.

Congress' temporary funding bill includes zero dollars for Mexican wall and keeps funding for Planned Parenthood and

other programs.

The Affordable Care Act is still the law of the land (Call your congressman today to keep it that way!).

45’s second nomination for Army Secretary, Mark Green, drops out.

Dozens of students and families walk out during Pence graduation speech at Notre Dame (in the state where he

was once the governor).

Nearly 100 eighth grade students refuse to take class picture with Paul Ryan.

Betsy Devos is booed at historically black Bethune-Cookman University graduation ceremony.

James Runcie, Chief Executive Officer at Dept. of Education, in charge of trillion-dollar student loan program,
resigns in protest of Secretary Devos’ appointment.

Miami billionaire Mike Fernandez starts a legal fund to help immigrants.

Appeals court refuses to reinstate 45’s revised Muslim travel ban.

DNC creates commission to protect American democracy from Trump administration’s efforts at voter


Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo and other Republicans say the words ”impeachment for obstruction of justice" for the first time.
Rep. Al Green makes a speech on House floor calling for 45’s impeachment.

Hillary Clinton joins the resistance and forms new group, Onward Together, with money from her leftover
campaign funds.

The world rallies around Paris Accord after 45 withdraws.

Many U.S. cities and states respond to 45's failure to fight climate change by pledging to combat the horrific problem themselves.

Polling reports that 59% of Americans oppose pulling out of Paris Accord.

  In the aftermath of the London tragedy, the world rallies around London, and it's mayor, after the fool in the White House called him a weak loser.

    Mike Bloomberg, as UN Climate Change Special Envoy, pledged to honor our Paris Accord agreement andto provide the $15 million that was lost from Washington.

Republican Senators McCain, Graham, and Collins vote against removing Obama regulations for oil and gas 
on federal lands and capture of methane.

US Supreme Court upholds a lower court decision striking down district lines as illegal racial gerrymanders.

Alabama Governor signs law giving thousands of felons their voting rights back.

Campus gun law bill defeated again in Florida.

New York Artist Robin Bell projects “Pay Trump bribes here” on side of Trump’s Washington DC hotel and a KKK image of Jeff 
Sessions on Dept. of Justice building. 

  Art leads the way!

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