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Thursday, June 29, 2017


         Taking it out on the Prez

     Republicans continue to be hellbent on derailing the Affordable Care Act. After the July Fourth recess, they'll be begging their members to make America sick again. "Sick" saves money. It makes rich folks richer.

     Heartless fat cats can't argue with that.

   But most Americans do have hearts. They care about each other. That's why we, the majority, fight the Dark Side and the bright orange misogynist who leads them.  

   Yesterday we rallied in front of Senator Rubio's office in Miami.  He continues to be 45's lackey in the efforts to dump the ACA and to make health care worse.

    The numbers are out, under Trump's latest plan 22 million will lose health care benefits. 

    Don't stop now.  Resist!

     Note:  Sometimes the blog program that I use gets a weird glitch in it that makes some of the lettering small.  When you try to fix it, it gets smaller!  If I try to fix it again you'll have to use a microscope to read it. If it's too small to read now, it's no big deal, the photos (which didn't shrink) tell the story.

   After we came home from the health care rally there was an ominous fire/rescue truck parked on our street.  That story follows.

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