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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


        Last Friday we drove five hundred miles to see our son, Ian, walk fifty feet.  He and 2200 other undergrads quickly crossed a FSU auditorium stage to pick up their college diplomas. Eight thousand of us watched while one man read a name every three seconds for two hours. This process was repeated at four other ceremonies so all of the 9000 graduates could have their three seconds of glory. 
      Sharing this happy occasion with our son was  thrill enough. I'm glad we didn't do what one parent letter had suggested, "It's going to be crowded so why not stay home and watch your child graduate online!".   
      Jeez.  I hope everyone ignored this suggestion.

      I like crowds. We saw our boy's years of hard work pay off in person. 
Ian with his big brother and four parents

Ian graduated with magna cum laude honors designated by colorful little ropes he wore proudly around his neck. 
     Here's to you, son, and your bright days ahead!

That's our Ian, the tiny dot under my finger, sitting with his fellow graduates. We stayed in touch during the 3-hour ceremony using cell phones and frantic paper waving.

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