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Saturday, May 20, 2017


           How many of us could get a Coral Gables mayor to sing at our funeral? Roxy Bolton made it happen this morning. 
 Former Gables mayor, Jim Cason, singing "Country Road", accompanied by John Denver on his I-phone
The tireless activist/feminist had made it to 90 when she died Wednesday. Ms. Bolton left a script for today's funeral and her friends followed it down to the parting words, "Carry on the important work I have dedicated my life to".
         Roxy was known for standing up for women's right and the downtrodden for sixty-five years. The list of her accomplishments is long.  She started the country's first rape treatment center here, help form the National Organization of Women and and was a thorn in the side of every politician "who needed direction". 
           I had admired Ms. Bolton from afar when I thought, "Why not make this local hero our honored guest in the 2006 King Mango Strut?".  I gave her a call and she invited me over for tea. We hit it off right away. 
     She was loved by thousands who saw her pass by in the parade.  They chanted "Roxy, Roxy...with love and admiration. 
      Those same feelings pervaded the many stories I heard at her funeral today. 
      Afterwards I stopped by the Grove's This n' That thrift shop. I use to see Roxy there a lot. The store manager told me she will miss her weekly visits to buy blankets for the homeless. 

   It's up to us now to carry on her work.

 There's Good News for Grovites tired trees, jungled houses, and quaint shops in their sleepy bayside village. CocoWalk is over all that, it is going to be Brickellized with soaring glass and steel.  I saw this in yesterday's Herald...

                         COCOWALK'S NEW LOOK
No more Tu Tu Tangos. Tearing down the old and building the new is expected to take two years.

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