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Friday, December 16, 2016


     Many spoke at Janet Reno's memorial service last Sunday. There was a sister, niece and a former President but none of them mentioned one of Janet's greatest accomplishments.  
Ms. Reno was the Grand Marshall of the 2002 King Mango Strut parade.

     We had tried to get her to join us a year before. She was interested and I put her on the  2001 poster leading our  patriotic parade.  
    Janet was running for governor at the time and I got a call from her campaign manager.  She asked why, on the poster, I had drawn a naked man marching next to her.  "Because its funny", I answered adding, "He's actually behind her but it's just a drawing anyway. There won't be  naked people in the parade". 

    The manager wasn't convinced. She advised her candidate to skip the Strut. Janet complied and told me, "Maybe next year". 
    Twelve months later, with the lost election behind her, Janet led our procession. It was a thrill to introduce her to the crowd.
    Ms. Reno, who spent her earliest years in the Grove, had a great time too.
 The crowd loved her and if there were any naked people in the parade, there were no votes lost.
The Strut marches for the 35th time in two weeks, on the last day of the year. I no longer attend but I am told if you drink enough beer it still tends to be funny. 

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