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Friday, December 30, 2016


      WE TOLD BOB BRENNAN GOODBYE yesterday as we gathered under the trees he loved at Fairchild Gardens.  He passed, at the age of 63, on Christmas Eve.
    Hundreds of friends and neighbors listened to his three children recount why their father was admired by so many. 

 "Our dad had an endless love for our mom, for us, and the rest of our extended family", said daughter Talia who added, "but it didn't end there.  He loved all of our neighbors and our friends. But it continued as he loved our friends' parents, their friends, and all of their dogs."  Her brother, Louis, added that his father remembered their names too and had bear-like "Bob hugs" for everyone.

     Endless love and a willingness to help, that's how all of the speakers described our departed friend.  And as they did, Florida snow  (falling leaves) sparkled in streaks of sunlight.  At one point, a flock of white ibis took off behind the speaker, their wings taking them up to a place where we imagine Bob might be.

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