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Thursday, August 25, 2016


    Tomorrow I'll be driving my van to Burning Man. I'll park it in Reno then join two Burners I've never met in a rented RV.  The three of us will be living together for eleven days. I hope they don't mind snoring.
    We'll be camping in the Black Rock desert with 70, 000 other people.  We (and two others) will be an art group, "The Balloon Chain Camp".  We will put long chains of balloons in the sky, arching rainbows and undulating snakes.
   Below, our group pulls a 500' balloon chain with our art car (2015).

   At night, we will offer rides our group's art car (they're called "mutant vehicles" there).  It's a rolling armadillo.
   While our mutant vehicle is rather diminutive, there are many mind-blowing, massive ones. They are sculptural vehicles that roam the desert by night such as Draka the Dragon. It features two bars within its scaly iron hull and, of course, breathes fire.

Here are several others from previous years...

    I'd like to take you along for the ride. It may not be easy.  They tell me it is difficult to get a wifi signal and there is no cell phone reception at Burning Man. That's part of its charm.
    What a treat it will be seeing thousands of people enjoying art, music, and mutant vehicles... happy people tuned into each other instead of their telephones.

                       :)                        (: 

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