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Thursday, August 25, 2016


     Today I'm finally heading to Burning Man. People tell me everything I take will soon be covered with dirt and dust.  Wind storms rise up, they say, causing "white outs". You can't see beyond five feet until they pass. And when they do, everything -and everyone- sports a layer of Mother Earth.

   Most of the time the sun is shining.  Everyone wears sunglasses.  I decided to created designer "dirt glasses" for the 9-day event. I cover the frames with glue and drizzle them with dirt, dust, and the occasional pebble.

     (These are the "Big Sur Edition", coated with roadside dirt gathered from California's spectacular coastline.)

The festival has a "sharing" economy", nothing is for sale. I'll be giving them away. 

My latest designs were a big hit with cousins David and Terry 

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  1. i took her everywhere! we walked green lake, ventured through sculpture park, Custom Sunglasses