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Sunday, August 21, 2016


     We arrived in San Francisco too late for the naked parade. The day before forty people had taken to the streets wearing nothing but shoes and sunglasses.
 Previously I had been thinking  the King Mango Strut was the weirdest parade in the universe.

    Turns out, the birthday suiters were protesting new city laws limiting public nudity.  "What's this city coming too?",  grumbled marcher, Dave Price,  who was interviewed in the street wearing nothing but a hat. He added, "This place is becoming just like Milwaukee".  *

    *  In prudish Milwaukee they have law that says, "It is illegal walk down the street naked."                            _______
     I think the whole bunch of them should move to Miami.  Who wants to march naked in the cold? Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

   We chose to bundle up and enjoy SF MOMA (the San Ffrancisco Museum of Modern Art). Here are a couple of things we saw


plus the world's reddest bathroom.

   Later, we crossed the Bay Bridge to lunch with Grove artists, Cynthia Shelley and Terry Ferrer, in  Berkeley. Every summer they come here to escape the Miami heat.
    We then met Francesca's sister, Carmen, to  shop at our favorite food place, Berkeley Bowl (a converted bowling alley).

It's produce section is as big as the whole interior of a South Florida Publix.


 There were 27 varieties of apples for sale.  One was pink in the outside. Another was pink on the inside!

                                                Bundled up in the hills of Berkeley, sisters.

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