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Friday, May 27, 2016


    Check this out,

   We checked it out last night and we didn't have to go to New York or Wynwood to do it.

    This wonderful world of science fiction was on display in West Grove's art gallery, KROMA. Their latest show, "Tempus Fugit" opened last night.

 The place was filled with happy people.  With prices ranging from $60 to $6000, some even took home pieces of futuristic  art.

I enjoyed meeting  artist Mario Iglesias (left).  The IT techie is around computers all day often scrounging for parts to build his little robots. 

This one was composed by ripping apart and recomposing a model tank. 

   It's Mario's first show, an incredible start for the talented South Floridian. 

 Josepo's metal sculptures were all over the place.  The former construction worker spent years dreaming of building art instead of hi-rises (

   The show is terrific and up for the next month (3670 Grand Avenue). Stop by when when you can. It's much closer than Manhatten

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