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Sunday, October 4, 2015


     I was face-to-face with a three-hundred pound gorilla last week with just a window separating us. Description Eyes of gorilla.jpg  I've been having many amazing moments lately because someone keeps giving us free tickets to cool stuff.

    It's my librarian.  Go to the check-out counter of any public library in Miami-Dade County.  Ask, "What passes do you have?".
     The librarian will show you a list of a dozen or so local attractions.  If you show her a library card she will give you a ticket for four, good for a week.
The zoo deal alone saved us $72.

"Family of four" usually means four adults. At some places they interpret it to be two adults and two kids.  
We have used library passes for admission to the zoo, the Perez and Lowe art museums, and the Fruit and Spice Park lately.  If you want to try this call your local library first.  They can only give one 4-person pass to one attraction per week.  If they don't have what you want, call another one or ask, "When will the (zoo) pass be available again?". 

     There are three libraries within two miles of our house.  We usually use Coconut Grove's. Having less traffic than others, it always had a few of them available.
    It's a great opportunity and who knows? While you're there you just might want to check out a book.  They're free too.

Window in the Lowe's glass collection

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