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Wednesday, October 21, 2015


      The Miami Herald doesn't always get it right.  I sat down with their editorial board forty years ago. I was one of the candidates they were interviewing for county judge.
    At the time the Herald had a huge circulation and their recommendations could help a candidate considerably. That's not the case now but having their endorsement can still be helpful. Yesterday  the newspaper recommended Ken Russell for District Two commissioner in the November 3rd election. 

      That's unfortunate, he's not the best candidate. The Herald seems to like him because he is a "businessman" (so is Rick Scott) and he says he is pro-development.  The editorial board acknowledges that his background includes business failures and a lack of civic engagement (Ken has never voted in a local election) but that didn't seem to faze them.  

       The most qualified candidate is Grace Solares.  Grace has been a committed community advocate for nearly 20 years. I have seen her in action, working on her own dime and time fighting to protect taxpayers and preserve a better quality of life for Miami residents. She didn’t get asked to do this; she stepped up to the plate because she believes in Miami.
        This election gives all of us an opportunity to stand with her.  Unlike Russell, Grace Solares has worked tirelessly for years to help us. This is why I'll be voting for her. 

PS:  Forty years ago when I was running for judge, the Herald recommended someone else and that person won the election.  A year later he quit so he could open his own Burger King.


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