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Sunday, October 11, 2015

30 Feet on the Ocean, $40

    We're so spoiled. We don't go camping in the Florida Keys unless we can have our own private beach. Yesterday we  got lucky finding a camping spot at Long Key State Park.  Every site is on the ocean. 

There was plenty of time to admire clouds.

  We were glad we brought dinner.  The fish weren't biting

We later built a fire and began staring out at the great, dark Atlantic.  As the new moon hid, we imagined the faintest of glows on the horizon. Could it be Havana?  Above us the Milky Way was strewn across the sky like a handful glitter.  Eight hours later,

    the sun made its usual entrance

and I enjoyed a dip in the pool

surrounded by clouds, cool water and and sun-drenched air.  Every morning should begin like this.

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