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Monday, January 20, 2014


          Here's hoping you're having a mindful MLK Day.  Dr. King was quite a guy.

   King Mango is spending part of the day sorting out a new batch of t-shirts.  Hot off the press,
these feature slightly new designs tweeked a bit to make them better.
     All the sizes we didn't have for much of the Christmas season we now have again.   The women's mangohead shirts are now made of a thinner, softer cotton.  

You can get yours by visiting the Mango Republic store  ( or by stopping by the king's palace on Palmetto Avenue.

     And speaking of Christmas, don't you miss it?   We had a terrific holiday season and hope you did too.  I try to keep it going by holding on to our tree.   I love being greeted in the morning with twinkling lights and a wonderful whiff of pine.

      My wife, she's different.  It's like, "The new year's here.  Let's get rid of that needle dropper and move on".   
     While she's sweeping up pine needles I'm walking the dog.  As I pass each trash pile Christmas tree I happily inhale its faint mountain air and think, "The sad folks that tossed these are missing out".  Then I gloat a bit about our tree still standing.

     When I drive to work I make mental notes of  houses that, according to their trash piles, kept their houses the least and the longest.   Of course this hierarchy of fortune is promptly forgotten.

       Life is filled with compromises and last Friday my wife and I discussed when our tree would go.  Francesca argued for less needles and more room.  I told her we had a sweet smelling tree that was still green.  This only got me two more days.

    My argument for keeping it until February 14th and festooning it with valentines was not taken seriously. 

      When the two days ended I marched our dear skinny friend to the front corner of our property.  Having left the lights intact I plugged it in.   Glowing in our trash pile, it makes me happy still.   I'd like to think the neighbors, and my wife, feel the same way.

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