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Saturday, January 25, 2014


      Last month I found a talking potato in our garden.  Incredibly, he was the spittin' image of Star War's Jabba the Hut.  I was going to to leave him with the lettuce but he insisted on coming inside.   In the days that followed, we got to know this silly spud much too well.

     Although his English wasn't the best, "Jabba" had many questions... at our first meal, "Why you put food in mouths?".  He then proceeded to  suck up nutrients with his long left arm.

 The Christmas tree perplexed him.  He asked, "Why you kill tree for house?"   
We explained Christmas as best we could ending with the star topping the tree. 
      "But Jabba the star", he said, insisting that he be placed at the pinnacle.  We went along to humor him. 
   He perched there for weeks.  When friends stopped by, they took notice of the fat, red root and said things like, "Riiight, supa-bad Jabba with a sunburn".  Apparently, these comments went to his (potato) head.

        After New Year's we prepared to return to our teaching jobs.   Jabbacame down from the tree and insisted on visiting my school.  The students were enraptured by the talking tater.   At the end of his lecture, "Underworld Thug", they showed their appreciation.

        He got hooked on these new experiences saying  things like, "Jabba all-powerful; he do anything".  He tried riding my  my scooter.  His left arm was so short he could only go around in tight circles.  

 Jabba Potato wanted to try it all and we were along for the ride.

                   (Stay tuned for Part Three)

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