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Monday, January 27, 2014


        A potato with an attitude.  Who needs that?   We had a gnarly red root living with us for six weeks.  Nothing was good enough for Jabba Potato.


If you read the last chapter you know he perched on our Christmas tree for a month.

When he came down we tried to make a place for him.  We thought he'd enjoy 

sleeping with our dog.   As you can see, neither of them were happy and Jabba's  complaints just got louder. 

    To shut him up I agreed to let him bunk with me.
Bad idea. He snored.

      In the morning I told him I was leaving for a Mango Republic photo shoot. Spudnik insisted on coming along.  
    Once we got there he began badgering me about letting him model.   I thought it was a dumb idea until he added, "How many of your competitors use potatoes in their catalogs?"
   He had a point.
   I'll try anything so I agreed to let him join the cast. He was actually quite good at it and, as you can see, looked great on camera.

This was his "action" pose.

When I put his pix on the website ( we expected sales to soar.  Yes, we did sell a few in Idaho but total shirt sales unfortunately took a nosedive.

   Jabba and I were shocked. We  thought this would be his ticket to stardom and garner big profits for the Mango Republic t-shirt company. 

I really thought I was living with the next Mr. Potato Head.
    I could handle the disappointment  (I have a day job) but  Jabba took it very, very hard.  For days he sat in the corner, eyes closed, saying nothing.

    He was still asleep last Friday when I took him grocery store.  I set him gently in the potato bin hoping he'd wake up happy, surrounded by friends.   
   Suddenly, he woke up, looked around and screamed, 

"Get me outta this potato graveyard!".

I apologized and whisked him home.  I tried putting him by our fish pond next to our meditating chunk of granite.
Jabba didn't like his new companion either, "He might be round and red but this guy is bor-ing.  He's got the personality of a rock".

    I scooped him up once more and carried him to the garden where this all began.  It was then we noticed another little red hand poking up from the dirt.

(Stay tuned for the final chapter, 
 "Jabba Falls in Love")

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