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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yesterday's blog on Scotty's Landing got a big response.  People are aghast at the City of Miami's plans for the Grove's waterfront.  Typical was this note from our friend, Greta, who now lives in Atlanta,

Oh, my dear.  You and everyone else is right;  Scotty's is a treasure.  it was always the first place I took people who wanted to see the 'real' Miami, or the old Key West.  I would tell people, " This is the closest you'll get to the Keys on the mainland.
Black Point Marina hold second place, but it's a long drive down there.
I hope you all can mobilize the voters to take down the folks who crony up to the power brokers/money movers.
I hope we can too, for Greta and everyone else.

Dawn Cope commented,
WHAT? are they totally stark raving mad? NO NO NO.
This family votes YES for Scotty's.   So does their overseas family who request a trip there every time they visit Miami.
     The ballot question goes way beyond replacing Scotty's Landing.  It is so vague, we really can't tell what the developer would be putting on our 7-acres of waterfront.  Grove activist, Nina West, sent city officials a way to clear the air.  She wrote,

 Change the ballot.  Put in the garage dimensions, square feet of retail, number of parking spaces in the garage and the overall dimensions. That will put an end to speculation.

This is a great idea.  Hopefully City Hall will follow Nina's suggestion.


  1. I know it isn't your "job" to keep us posted but it is an easy way to get concise information so that we can spread the word.
    so if you don't mind....

    Can we share yesterdays blog post on other social media?

  2. Dawn, Please "share away". I'm amazed how many people who love the Grove have no idea that the City is selling it out.

  3. Yes thank you Glenn
    You got me involved
    Beside signing the petition at
    What can we do?

    1. Frenchy,
      What can you do? Start by spreading the word. I am convinced that 99% of the people eligible to vote in the Nov. 5th election don't know what's going on. Let your friends know. Tell them to vote "No" and join us at future "Scotty's Si, Shula's No!" rallys.