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Sunday, August 11, 2013


          We had not been to Second Saturday all summer.  The monthly  party in Wynwood's Art District had almost grown too large for oldies like us.  We figured, "It's free, it's fun, we'll go early and avoid the crowds". 
      When we got there at 7 pm the place was packed.  
  The free street parking had vanished and residents were hawking $10 slots in their yards.   We left the Honda in a dubious spot and hoped it would be there when we returned.
      We walked around in wonder.  Why can't the Grove have more of this?     

Good things continue to happen in this formerly forgotten collection of warehouses.  There are many colorful, new wall murals.  The crowds are bigger along with more street music, and better gallery art.   

One artists, Frederico Uribe, was exhibiting his sculptures made from colored pencils.


 This skeleton below was made by hanging buttons on thin strings.  Inside is a red button heart.

        A Venezuelan sculptor attracted many gringos and Caraquenos with his bronze body parts.

  He got caught painting graffiti on an abandoned building in Miami Beach.  When he  ran from the police he was shot in the chest with a taser gun.  The talented, high school art student fell down and died. 

A cloud of tears hangs over this town since Tuesday's death of 18-year old Israel Hernandez-Llach.

            Wynwood is best known for its  world-class street murals.  Most of their artists started out doing what Israel was doing when he was shot.
     His friends painted the murals above to honor him and his short life.   It was fitting to see him remembered amongst Second Saturday's frenetic commotion.



As we made our way home I too was moved by the creative spirit. 
In less than 30 seconds I created this work of art on the ceiling of our car.


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