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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


    What would your restaurant be?  Burgers? Barbeque?  Our friends, Nadine and Slim, dreamt of serving island fare for years.  Now they have their their own eatery in Wynwood.
     This happy duo took over a place called "Palatino" and kept the name.  Located at 3004 N.W. 2nd Avenue, it's just two blocks from the art action but far enough away to have    Nadine and Francesca   good prices.                                 

     Open from 8am to 9 pm, you can start your day with eggs, akee, and salt fish and end it with curried goat.  Yes, they have everything in-between: jerk chicken,  blackened tilapia and a healthy array of salads. Montego Bay Shrimp 
For dessert, try their island-flavored ice cream.  Choices include coconut and rum raisin. 
     Friends went there last weekend and fell in love with the oxtail.  I fell in love with everything when we visited, even the placemats.
Each one, individually hand-painted, is a work of art. 
If I was less honest, I would have stuffed my shirt with them.

Palatino Jamaican Restaurant is open every day but Monday. 
   You'll love this place and even better, if you tell them the Grove Guy sent you, you'll get a free ice cream cone!

You can check out their Facebook page or their website, Give them a call at 786-360-5200. They also have pick up and delivery service.
Sample Prices:  Island Omelet $6, Irie Tuna Melt $5.50, Large Garden Salad $5.50, Jerk Chicken $8.50. 
    The street parking (like the ice cream cone) is free.

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