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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Hello Y'Guys,
      We're holed up in in a North Carolina library waiting for the rain to stop.  I have no time to write so I am throwing down a few more pictures from our trip (much easier than writing!).  Above is the photo I could not find a month ago, the John Wayne impersonator trying to loosen my chiclets.

   Yeah, it is fake but the one below represents one of the scariest moments of my life.  Driving south on Virginia's I-81 last week,  we slowly began passing a huge, 18-wheeler.  It then began pulling into our lane to pass the guy in front of him.  
   For a moment we were horrified, scared to death, it felt like he was going to make contact and push us off of the road. In a second or less we were able brake enough for him to slip ahead of us by inches.  He either pulled out without looking perhaps he just wanted to kill us.
 (No, this isn't the truck.  I took this the next day after I had calmed down)
 Airport Observatory Tower, Northport, MI.
 Propaganda Art, Montreal
 Wires-to-Go, NYC
 Neanderthal Replica, Washington DC  ( They say they were driven into extinction 10,000 years but let's get real.  Haven't you seen this guy in the last week?)
 Weather Vane With Lens Dust, National Portrait Museum  (above and below)
In case you don't remember, "handwriting" is what we stopped teaching to our children ten years ago. 

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