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Saturday, July 13, 2013


      Leaving Maine we drove past Red's Eats and the L.L. Bean world headquarters to reach Peggy Coyle's farm in upper Massachusetts.   Our friend lives on 42 wooded acres with her chickens, rabbits, and two daughters.   
   They occupy this house on a hill.  Half of its six bedrooms are big and the others, small once occupied by servants.


   On her dining table I saw this curious photo that Peggy bought at an auction.  It is said to be Samuel Clemons visiting Berkeley, California.  
Its cool there.  I'd wear a cloak after a swim too.

   I suppose it is the dream of many to live in a place like this, a spacious, hundred-year old farm house in the tranquil countryside.

   We parked the van next to an old barn.  In the morning we harvested vegetables from the garden and eggs from the hen house.
    As we were walking back a helicopter flew overhead.  Peggy told us there is now a lot of air traffic between Boston -20 miles southeast- and the small military base beyond the nearby hills.  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving Boston bomber,  is being held there.  Yesterday he was flown to a federal courtroom where he plead not guilty of killing three and injuring 260.
     Try as we may, it is hard not to hear names like Tsarnaev, Hernandez, and Zimmerman while travelling.   We'll be driving to Cape Cod today. With the radio off we hope to focus more on seeing our relatives, the trees passing by and less of  "the news". 


 Echinacea flowers in Peggy's garden

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