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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     Francesca and I spent last weekend camping in Acadia, one of our country's more spectacular national parks. We had a great time exploring the rugged coastline. 


 At Sand Beach a few people actually went swimming in the 48 degree water.  I assumed they were from Siberia this seemed like the tropics to them.

 We loved peering into tidal pools.  Each one was so distinctive with different shapes and colors. 

  We discovered moth resting on a bathroom door.

They have fifty miles of "carriage roads" open only to horses and bikes.   We rode our bicycles past this 100 year-old lodge, to the edge of Southwest Harbor,


and later, Pi lead us half-way up Cadillac Mountain.   It was too vertical for me to continue so we drove up the long winding road the next day.

 I was happy not to be one of the cyclist huffing their way to the top. 

Later we saw these same people smiling like clowns as
gravity sped them back down the  the bottom.  With 1500-foot of vertical, it is about a three-mile ride.
   I realized, "We've got bikes on the back.  One of us could be one of them!" 

Francesca was happy to pass the honor to me.

   The ride down was fantastic.  Beautiful curves, astounding vistas, and no traffic.  My brakes held up so everything was intact by the time I reached sea level ('Cesca shot the photo below as she followed).
I was smiling like a clown. 


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