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Friday, July 12, 2013


     We headed north last month searching for a cool breeze. 

  In Quebec and Maine we found much more with night-time temperatures dipping into the high forties.  Dealing with cold while camping can be a challenge.  You start by wearing all of your clothes at once.  Campfires weren't much help for us with the wet weather.  Campgrounds often lack the ultimate relief -hot showers- but we learned to make do.
     We purchased a thick plastic bag, a "solar shower".  In the morning we fill it with water and tie it to our camper's roof.
By the end of the day the sun has heated it up.  You take it down, loop it over a tree branch, 

and viola, a hot shower!

      My ultimate cold remedy is the hot-air hand dryers found in public bathrooms.  Just button up, turn the spout up, and place it inside your shirt.  When you hit the silver button the heater roars and your shirt puffs up from the hot blast of air.   It is cold camper's dream come true.   If you are the shy type, bask in the warm early before anyone else uses the bathroom.

       To heat up your lower half you simply turn the spout down, poke it in your pants, and hit the button.  
Ahhhh, the simple pleasures of outdoor life.

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