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Monday, June 20, 2011


If Chris Pruett's business was any greener he'd have to hire beavers to trim his client's trees. We had asked him to thin our big oak for hurricane season.

Chris has been a neighbor since he was in diapers. As a kid he was always scrambling up the giant ficus on Irvington.

Now he has his own business (Garden Grove Tree Service) and a two trucks. He left them at home and and arrived pushing a wheelbarrow. Sister Emily came along too. It was her day off and she said, "I wanted to see my brother in action".

Chris was so excited to be climbing our tree. The certified arborist He says getting paid to do it "unbelievable!".

The young Mr. Pruett began our project by tossing a red bean bag tied to a string. On the third toss it looped over the tree's highest big branch. He used the string to pull up a rope and the rope to pull himself forty feet in the air. It did look like fun.

Em stayed safely below to untie big branches her brother lowered down.

The Pruett kids cleaned up nicely for lunch. Chris kept saying how great it is to have a treetop view, "You see all kinds of things. Birds become your friends"

The Grove has had its share of tree men. "Surfer John" Snizek did it for decades before a falling tree broke his back. Someone recently told me he had first gotten into the business with two friends. They called themselves "The Tree Stooges". In the old days you could get away with that.

Chris' business has no stooges. He and his sister did a great job for a fair price. If you'd like him to trim your trees call Chris at 786-564-5935.

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