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Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was nice that some people didn't recognize me in my blue suit. The funeral directions in the pocket told me I hadn't worn it in two years.

Still, it was good to be playing lawyer again.

My VW friends needed defending. The City of South Miami slapped them with a $450 fine for having a mini-King Mango Strut in their car show last January (see my 1-29-11 entry).
This morning's two-hour hearing was a little boring and a lot of bizarre. The chief of police suggested if they let us march last January, the KKK might be doing it next week. The code enforcement manager reminded us that nothing can take place in her city unless it has a permit. The Mangoheads were part of a car show that had one. Go figure.

Judge Blitman, after listening to many a witness, said he'd make his decision next week.

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  1. Really? Yeah but I bet the KKK wouldn't be a flash mob parade. Just sayin'