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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We’ve moved on to Chicago. Mike and Christie Jones have invited us to stay at their beautiful 100-year-old house so we’re not really roughing it.

We walked Pi over to Lake Michigan for a swim. The lifeguard told us the water was too cold for humans and dogs weren’t allowed.

She said it in a nice way. Everyone we’ve

met in the Windy City is exceptionally friendly. What a difference a smile can make.

The weather is perfect, sunny and 72 degrees. It's like a drug that makes everyone happy.

Mike took us on a car tour. Everyone from politician to news stand vendors waved and say, “Hi, Mike!". He let us out to walk, to take in the wonders of downtown Chi' Town. Below is the famous Silver Bean. It seemed that people from all over the planet were gathering there to be One With the Bean. It made everyone happy too.

Miami could learn a lot from Chicago. 21 miles of the lake front is beautiful, green and open to the public. The bike trails are endless and the pizza damn good.

The Art Institute is one of the world’s great museums. It has paintings you’ve always dreamed of seeing like “American Gothic”, “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, and “Hogs Killing a Snake”.

After walking for hours we took a train back to Evanston. Today we’ll head west to visit rural western Illinois, the land from whence my mother came.

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