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Friday, June 3, 2011


We can check it off our list, performing on stage before thousands. It happened last Tuesday when we saw "Hair", the popular late 60's musical that is now playing at the Arsht Center.

During the last number ("Let the Sun Shine In") the cast invites the audience to join them on stage. Francesca and I jumped at the opportunity. What fun it was to sing and dance with the talented actors pretending to be us forty years ago.

A few feet away I noticed two older couples in strange clothes pretending to be hippies as well. As I stared past their bad wigs I realized that they were friends from the North Grove. Better late than never I guess.

For nearly two hours we were treated to infectious tunes, twenty great voices and a rockin' ten-piece band. If you're familiar with the show you know Hair is more concert than play. What plot it has concerns one man's dilemma, "Should I party with my hippie friends or join a war on the other side of the planet?"

"Hair" is just as much fun as when I saw it on Broadway in '69.

It'll be downtown 'til Sunday. On Tuesday it moves to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts for a two-week run. Tickets start at just $25.

If you enjoy incredible talent, great music, peace and love, you'll love Hair.

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