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Friday, January 13, 2017


         Have you heard who America chose to be it's next President? It's like letting Pee Wee Herman run the country, only worse. Pee Wee would make a much better President than he whose name is best unspoken.

        Fear, lies, and Russian spies have put a orange-headed buffoon in the driver's seat and we have to deal with it.

    Coconut Grove has risen to the occasion with two Trump resistance groups meeting on Sunday, January 15th.
         Both are sponsored by MoveOn, one of our nation's largest, progressive, political groups. They are two of 400 MoveOn meetings taking place across the country on Sunday. 

    Each will focus on immediate threats to the Affordable Care Act, Immigration, and the Trump's deplorable cabinet choices. Most important, they will teach us how we can work together to resist all of the bad things that the next President represents.

Here are your choices,

A)  A picnic meeting on the lawn at the Barnacle.  Steve, its host, encourages people to come, share food and ideas. The Barnacle State Park is across from the Playhouse Parking lot (where you can park for $5).  Park admission is $2.  It begins at 2 pm.

B)  A more traditional meeting will be held at St. Stevens Church, 2750 MacFarlane Road (next to Peacock Park). It will be held in the "Great Hall" room on the south end of the church campus.  
   I'm hosting this one along with the Grove's "Progressive Miami" group.  Guest speakers include our city commissioner, Ken Russell, and Legal Services attorney Miriam Harmantz.  
   It begins at 6 pm. There is free parking in the church lot (on MacFarlane, until it fills up) as well as a $5 lot next door.

If You Live Outside of Miami and you want to attend a Sunday meeting, go to to find the one closest to you.


      I hope you're making plans to resist Trump, nine days from now, by participating
in the Women's Marches. The big one is in
our nation's capitol on Saturday, January 21st.  Francesca and I will be there along with a lot of other Groveites.

     There will be one in Miami too, on the same day, in downtown Miami. The "South Florida Women's Rally" will take place at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater from 1 to 5 pm.
     Make plans to attend one of them. Each is important, each has its Facebook page (for information). Make your voice heard at these huge, historical events.


     Having enough to eat is as important as having trustworthy political leaders. Miami has more poverty that most large US cities. The Coral Gables Congregational Church is doing something about it with its Bell Tower Food Drive this weekend.

     Tomorrow morning its pastor, Laurie Hafner, will be climbing up into the church's bell tower. She will remain in the small, hot room until people like us bring her 10,000 pounds of food. It will be donated to the Feeding South Florida charity.
     You can help the hunger problem and get Pastor Laurie out of the tower tomorrow. Bring food to the church on Saturday, June 14th. It's the one across from the Biltmore Hotel.

   One More Thing,

The same church is having a free, one-hour jazz concert tonight (Friday) honoring Dr. Martin Luthor King, Jr.  The Zach Bartholomew Trio's repertoire will include Oscar Peterson's "Hymn to Freedom". It begins in the sanctuary at 7 p.m., 3010 De Soto Blvd., Coral Gables, 33134. 


   Two weeks ago the Grove had its 35th King Mango Strut parade and a friend led the "Nasty Women's Marching Band". Just before the event she was admonished by a parade official. She told Gina she could not use one of her signs, "Keep Your hands off My Pu-sy", because it was a "family parade".
      Just ahead of her group was the parade's grand marshal, Luke "As Nasty As I Wanna Be" Campbell. The former rapper made history by going all the way to the Supreme Court  to make talking dirty a national pastime.  
    If it really was a family parade they should have had the bell tower's Pastor Laurie serving as grand marshal.
       My friend added that after the official walked away she made four more pussy signs (Whoops, there I go, being as nasty as I wanna be).

PS:  He really would make a better President.

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