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Friday, January 20, 2017


       We timed it perfectly, flying over Virginia when Trump became President.  By the time our plane landed it was over. We only caught glimpses of his  inaugural speech as we passed TVs heading to baggage claim.  

     We didn't want to hear it. We didn't want him to be our President. We came to to our nation's capital for the anti-inauguration today and tomorrow's Women's March to protest everything he stands for.
       The protests started off ugly unfortunately, this morning. Police pepper-sprayed dozens who took our their frustrations by bashing fast food restaurant windows with bats. Over 200 hundred were arrested. Despite that, 99% of the protests have been peaceful in this city. 
     They created a central place for today's protests, a park just north of the inaugural parade route. That way, I guess, they could keep an eye on us.  It was energetic but peaceful, many policemen surrounded us. A half-hour after we left trash cans were being set on fire a block away. There will ge protests all over this town from morning 'til night for at least three days.  The Big One is manana when a million angry people will pour into Washington.  These protests will continueas long as Trump is President. 
  We are in our nation's capitol to resist the new administration, the one that began repealling Obamacare this afternoon. We are making our protest choices by looking at on line protest schedules.
      We went the park this afternoon and heard Michael Moore give a rousing -and hilarious- speech.  Humor makes it a little easier. The filmmaker point out that, "America is in deep shit.  It's up to all of us to dig ourselves out". 

He's a funny guy and the thousand people listening were entertaining as well with their costumes and signs. There were other speakers and musicians at the three-hour affair. Here are  a few photos,

 Wouldn't it be great if the guy we elected was only paper mache? Paper doesn't lie!

  Of course, we were there for much more than entertainment. A misogynistic, inexperienced bigot became our President today. We rant, we joke, but what really need to do is dig ourselves out of this mess.
      Tomorrow we will join two hundred thousand
activists for the Women's March on Washington.  If you can't be here join your local rally, like the one in downtown Miami on Saturday.  We will fight this guy and the awful things he represents. 


Today's Miami Herald editorial asked us to "give the guy a chance".  I did but it ended when he spent his first hour as President  eliminating A) healthcare for 20 million Americans (without a suitable replacement), B) environmental laws that protected our health and climate C) Lying to us about how his inauguration audience was "the biggest ever". What a creep.
   We've got work to do. We are the majority and starting tomorrow, at your local rally,  say "NO" to our new President.  
   Working together we will win.

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