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Monday, January 30, 2017


  Our rally at Miami International Airport went very well yesterday.  300 of us demonstrated in front of a steady line of cars passing through.  It was covered by the press so our loud chants were heard by thousands more.

  Twenty people from our Progressive Miami group participated.  We only got wind of it 2 hours before.  Francesca and I quickly posted it on Facebook, sent out  e-mails, made signs, then headed out.  

Twenty minutes later were were standing in a cold, light rain resisting the hate flowing out of the White House.
     Standing up for your rights -and those of our others- is not that hard.
It felt good be be standing up to Fascists who threaten our country.

If you can, come to our next Progressive Miami meeting tomorrow night, January 31st.  We'll fight
for justice together.

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