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Tuesday, April 5, 2016


      Last Saturday we asked passing people help us paint a "Spirit of the Grove" mural.  It was part of the Bike the Underline event at the Coconut Grove Metrorail station at US 1 and 27th Ave.
      I created a bare outline and gave strangers paint and brushes to add details and fill in spaces.

    We were amazed by how well it turned out. Several of us carried it over to the one of the Metrorail support columns and taped it on.  

This is how it looks.
Whadda ya think?  
Should we make more?

   Wouldn't it be great if every Metrorail intersection included colorful art?  Producing it would be cheap and easy.

   Local groups, artists and schools could contribute their time and talent.  
Imagine seeing art, something exciting, on the gray columns we're been staring at for thirty years.

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