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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


   I drive to West Kendall five days a week. The monotonous journey is thankfully, against traffic.

This is my view heading west on Kendal Drive.
Kendall Drive, heading east, is just the opposite, horribly clogged with cars. 
It can takes an hour to drive ten miles.                Heading east
    What breaks up the monotony on my idyllic journey are the occasional emergency vehicles going east. They often drive on the wrong side of the divided highway because,

 1) the clogged cars on their side of the road aren't moving,  2) it might be legal and, 3) it's got to be exciting, threatening to collide head-on with people like me.
     So far, their flashing lights and sirens have gotten my attention. I pull over every time to avoid a fatal collision.  
    Last Friday one of my fellow westbound travelers wasn't so lucky.  A huge lime-colored firetruck plowed into her Toyota. The firemen were extracting the woman from pillowing airbags when I slowly passed. Thankfully, she seemed surprisingly alive having glanced off the truck's left bumper.
     Forty-five years of commuting ends next month for me.  Hopefully, 'til then, I'll be able to steer clear of wrong-way fire trucks

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Genevieve Block
     Have you been to the Panorama Restaurant at the Grove Sonesta Hotel?  Francesca and I went there for dinner last week. We were blown away by our seats, on the edge of an outdoor deck overlooking Biscayne Bay. 
   They even threw in a sunset.
   The place has room for a hundred but only five tables (for two) have "the big view". The food was great (plus, your get a 10% discount if you live
in the Grove). My mojito could have used more alcohol, but I wasn't complaining.  
   Two kids stopped by our table asking for autographs. Adorable. They were asking everyone  to sign their coloring books. When I drew a Mickey Mouse the young blond she told me, "That's nice but I still want your autograph."
The Grove Guy complied.

  Our bill came to $60 and I thought. taking in the view, "I'd pay that just to sit here for a hour".

  You probably have to get there by seven to get a great table. They take reservations and maybe you can reserve one of the "big view" tables. We had reservations but they tried to seat us only
near the edge. We asked for the front row seats and they were happy to comply. 

  You can go to the Panorama for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just drinks. They say the food is
"Peruvian",but it's barely that, more American than not. Good food.
  Francesca and I could look down at the restaurant guests below (the Peacock Cafe) and the new "Glass & Vine" south and think, "We're glad we're not down there tonight". Too crowded, noisy, and no blow-you-away view".

   Yes, this sounds like a commercial but so what? We had a great time and didn't know much about Panorama until a friend recommended it.
   On the bike ride home we stumbled upon another gem, Karaoke Night at the Panther Coffee House. Like the Panorama, it was an"all age" gathering, with The Big View replaced with smiles, laughter, and hilarious entertainment. Anyone can get up and sing. Some are pretty good. If you're lucky, you may get to hear my rendition of "Stairway to Heaven" next Saturday night.  

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