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Saturday, April 16, 2016


      It sounds like a headline from "The Onion", but the City of Miami -which controls Coconut Grove- no longer allows coconut palms to be planted in public spaces.     What's next, rip them out of our yards like they did with citrus trees fifteen years ago?

   Thursday's Miami Herald told us Miami resident, Elvis Cruz, has been cited for planting the popular tree next to a road. "I was dumbfounded", said Cruz, who is threatened $500 fine.

    Even though they symbolize South Florida and all things tropical, the City has decided that coconut trees are not worthy.  City planner, Francisco Garcia, was quoted as saying that fruit trees were no longer welcome on public property. Someone might get hit by a falling coconut, grapefruit, or sapodilla. I think this should happen to Francisco, it may knock some sense into him.
     What the Grove needs is a thriving coconut grove. Designate some public space and fill is with these sensuous, curving trees. Invite Mr. Garcia to visit and see what happens.

       "Let's keep the coconut in Coconut Grove!



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