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Saturday, December 5, 2015


  Like the tide, the water slowly rises and falls in the bathroom-size plexiglas tank.
Inside are people like you and I trying to cope with Waterworld.  
  Get out your gondolas, much of Miami will be underwater by 2050.
   Last night we were enthralled by  "Haloscenes"  the performance piece now at MDCC's downtown campus. Every hour from 2 to 8 today actors will climb into the empty tank. The audience will sit comfortably on its three exposed sides. 
   The performers inside will do what we might do, prepare for work, text, or tune a guitar.  As music plays, spectators will watch them cope as 30,000 gallons of water are added to the tank.  Eventually they are floating, gasping for air, or diving for a cell phone.
 Today is your last chance to see Haloscenes before it continues on its world tour
   Its a great way to enjoy a little Art Basel without the crazy crowds and parking problems.

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