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Monday, December 7, 2015


  We got through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Tomorrow we'll be facing our next mandatory shopping event, T-Shirt Tuesday.

I dreamed I walked the Spanish Steps in my Mango Republic t-shirt.  

Why not buy one (or a dozen) from the Mango Republic?  They make great gifts.

We started selling our designs two years ago and they're still quite popular.  It's a great feeling wearing the world's favorite fruit on your chest.

The Mango Republic Emporium is located in  our South Grove home. "The goods" are explained on our  "Mango Republic" Facebook page. Write us at should you have any questions.  The phone works too, 305-448-3775.
     While I dreamed I walked the Spanish Steps in mine,  your mango destinations can be boundless.
 T-shirt Tuesday, think of the possibilities.


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