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Sunday, December 6, 2015


    Thank God for Art Basel publicity.  Reading about its fans spending this weekend fighting traffic in never ending downpours to pay millions for foo-foo art made most of us stay home.  Most Miamians are enjoying a quiet weekend rearranging their spice shelves or watching their screens of choice. 
    You just might be staring at one now.

    Francesca and I aren't made for that.  We loaded up rain gear and umbrella'd our way to our deep-water SUV.   In a questionable part of residential Wynwood we actually found a parking spot and endeavored to do our Basel thing.
   After a fifteen minute walk we were passing the Locust Gallery in the Design District.  A sign on the door told us "First performance, 11 a.m.".  We were right on time to see a naked man fooling around with large, odd, sculptures. After ten minutes of that we headed east to see how badly the District has gotten Gucci'ized over the last three years.  Lucky we were walking, no cars are now allowed unless they are very long and are driven by uniformed chauffeurs. 
    We enjoyed seeing their new icon, the 30-foot Buckmisnster Fuller dome. Bucky would be embarrassed to see it beckoning people to buy $75,000

     Our walk back to Midtown's Art Miami was delightful.  The rain had kept enough people away to make it easy dodging everyone else's umbrellas.  
  A sign man pointed the way to the Christmas Store where we saw Miami's new holiday shrine, "Jesus Under Black Light.

When we reached our main objective, Art Miami's tent that is barely smaller than an airport, we noodled our way into its crowded interior.
    Ah... now we could see what people had come thousands of miles to see,

the iridescent walrus.

the monkey who followed his dreams,

and my person fave, "Super-sized Pizza Slice" .

    Forget the art , we were happy to be in a dry place in a city where rain clouds have been parked for days.

We took our obligatory Art Basel selfie,

popped our umbrellas,
and hurried home. 

 There were still spices that needed arranging.


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