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Sunday, November 15, 2015


     God smiled on King Mango  last Sunday. She held off the rain long enough for us to pull off the 2015 King Mango Strut on Wheels.  It was called "The Magical Mystery History Tour".   (Photo above by Steve Parr) 
75 of us rode bicycles merrily through the Grove and South Miami.  
Bicycle pioneers Wilson Larkins and Kirk Munroe were special guests.  

Wanting to be more like them, most of us grew mustaches.
 Our Grand Marshall, Herb, even grew a mustache on top of his mustache. 

    Before we got rolling, I presented keys to the Mango Republic to our three poitical friends attending, Phil the mayor, "X-man" the county commissioner, and our new city commish, Ken.  (photo by Lolly)

 Grove musical legend Bobby Ingram stepped out of his bungalow to give words of advice to our new Miami commissioner, Ken Russell.  

Down the street Herb Hiller and Charlie Cinnamon -founders of the Grove's Goombay Festival and the Coconut Grove Art Festival- waved as we glided by. 

 Commodore Ralph Munroe told us about his historic home, the Barnacle, now a state park. I'm not identifyin' the bugle-blowin' fish head.  

Our tour guide led us up Stewart Avenue to visit the Marjory Stoneman Douglas house. When the Mother of the Everglades died in 1998 (at the age of 108) she left it to the state.  It sits forgotten, unknown, and unloved, the residence of a park ranger.      (4 photos above by Elvis Cruz)

 Here I am telling everyone about my neighbor, John Lilly.  The neuroscientist (and Tim Leary's best buddy) kept a dolphin in his backyard swimming pool.

  The guy with the mango tree sprouting out of his head is Ken Russell, the Grove's new city commissioner.  It's about time we had someone working for us with a sense of humor.

Our parade was like a circus on wheels.

Gina's dolphin bike had a sound system made it sing like our oceanic friend.

 Ocean scientist John Barimo was over the top as ever.

  King Mango's Mystery History Tour ended at the University Metrorail station where were were greeted with coffee and bagels.  

 Whoopee.  It was fun! 

I'd like to thank everyone who dared the rain last Sunday to make our latest King Mango event a big success.


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