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Thursday, November 12, 2015


    Wilson Larkins is back in Coconut Grove. 120 years ago he would pass through delivering fresh milk by bicycle. His dairy farm was just south of Cocoplum Circle.

 His friend, Kirk Munroe, has returned as well. The popular late-1800's writer started our country's first national bicycle association.

These two bicycle heroes will be honored in the Grove's bicycle parade on Sunday, Nov. 15. 
"The Magical Mystery History Tour", will be lead by me (Glenn Terry).  I'd like everybody to to wear costumes, decorate their bikes, and bring the loudest boom box you can find. It'll be like the Strut on wheels. 

The bike parade will first gather in Kirk Munroe Park at 9:00 a.m. (the tennis facility next to Coconut Grove Elementary), begin at 9:15,  and wind up in South Miami.  There will be a bike decorating workshop in the park earlier, from 8:30 to 9 a.m.
    The tour will visit many of the Grove's historical sites including the Barnacle, Plymouth Church, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas House. 
      Playing the role of Mr. Larkins will the enthusiastic Danny Lovett.  
Danny owns the popular bike shop, "Revolution" on Main Highway.  


North Grove bike enthusiast, Murry Sill, has taken on the role of Kirk Munroe. 
It's a perfect match as both men have amazing mustaches. 

Commodore Ralph Munroe (Alyn Pruett) will be greeting us at his home, The Barnacle, on Main Highway.  Kirk Munroe's wife, conservationist Mary Barr, will be portrayed by Grove attorney, Yvonne Grassie.

     The tour is free, sponsored by Bike Coconut Grove and the Mango Republic.  It is a part of
"Wheels", a five-day bicycle festival which begins this week.  For more Wheels information go to their website, .     (above, our six-mile route)
 To learn more about the Grove bike tour, contact me at .  


  1. Thank you Glenn and all the historic pioneers in costume for adding so much fun knowledge n pride to the history of our colorful community... building a sense of place all around us

  2. U bet. We all need to "build communuty" , to do more to get to know each other better. Riding bikes is a good start.