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Friday, August 14, 2015


 Nothing says, "I love me" like a selfie. Street hawkers know this and were selling them in every big European city we visited. You'd see the metal sticks cluttering the horizon at every popular attraction.
  I thought it would be interesting to take photos of people taking pictures of themselves. 

It is surprisingly easy; your subjects have no idea what you're up to. They're focused on their I-phones trying to get their smiles just right. 
 Some people did it so long their smiles started to hurt.

      This project got boring quickly so I tried taking pictures that looked like selfies (but were not).  

That got old too.
                                                         FAKE SELFIE
                  A big thanks to Brigitte and Francesca for agreeing to pose for my Not Really a Selfie project.
                  On the balcony of our apartment, Canal St. Martin, Paris, France. Afterwards I went inside and

I decided to save $3 and make a selfie stick from scratch.  Here's how:  You tape your camera backwards on the end a stick and set the timer for ten seconds. You then 
hold it out in front of you like you're roasting a hot dog on a tonga torch. 
  You smile, the camera clicks and voila, you're now part of the selfie set!

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