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Thursday, August 13, 2015


    On our last visit to Europe I photographed  street beggars.  They
were so different from the panhandlers we see in the States.
     On this summer's trip I  looked for a new subject.



    Full-arm tattoos got my attention.  Two-feet of ink that stays with you for life, a strong public statement about interests, style, and self-image. 

     Here are some of my photographs.



  I took this one in Paris three years ago. It got me thinking about the full-arm thing. This guy (especially his left arm) was completely devoted to the Munsters TV show.
     Last year a plumber's helper visited my classroom. Both of his arms were covered with images from another Tim Burton film, "Frankenweinie".  He said his art-for-life cost $4000.

    Last week I met Adam who made felafel sandwiches for us.  He probably used his right hand (marked "work").  The other one says it is for play.
    When I look at these people I wonder, 
"What's the difference between 
1)  getting full-arm tattoos and
2) agreeing to wear a Hawaiian shirt 24/7 for the rest of your life?"


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