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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


          One of the best things about traveling is the people you meet, not fellow road warriors but the locals.  

     One day we got lost in Lizio, a small town in Brittany. An unusual young man almost walked into our parked car as if we had blocked his path.  Maybe we had.
   He greeted us, "'Allo, my name is Stephan. I live here".  His broken English was much better than my horrible French. After a brief conversation we continued on (being lost). 

   The quiet village seemed like a good place for Stephan. 


     Renting a AirB&B apartment is a great way to meet local people. We shared a large 2-bedroom apartment with Danielle Balducci in Rome. He has his studio there.                                      




Enjoying Martini Rossi on Danielle's patio. 


       Coming in from lunch through the hallway    window,...step up, step down, great fun!   

      Danielle travels and was there just one night of our six-day stay. That was time enough to hear what he loved about about his city, his family, and his work as a cinematographer. 
    He showed us his website ( ) and his incredible invention, an new holography system ( ).  It will be like having "Siri" sitting next to you. Ask her a question and your virtual friend will respond. 
   I am fortunate in having Francesca do the same thing for me.

     Our stay at Danielle's included breakfast at the nearby Moon Cafe.

     Every morning we would be greeted by Guilia's ("Julia's") engaging smile.  The young entrepreneur would serve us hot croissants and delicious cafecitos.  We loved her broken English and her tiny four-seat cafe.  The 24-year-old works 12-hour days to keep her customers happy.

        Three million people live in Italy's capital.

     Imagine how many more stories 
are out there.  

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