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Sunday, April 13, 2014


    This morning we rented bikes and zoomed around our nation's capitol.   With it's wide open spaces, it's a great place for this. 24 hours for seven bucks.  We dodged tourists, traffic and cherry blossums to see the sights.


But the reason we were there  was Ruy's wedding!  Francesca's son had the good sense to propose to the wonderful Meagan Berg. Family and friends gathered to celebrate
their union. 
    It was perfect with the reception held in a dimly-lit bar that had great beer, good music, and two dusty bocce ball courts. 


Yesterday we wandered about. The sun was so intense many people had to cover up.

Others didn't.

                          Figure at the Museum of American Art

I took a few other pictures.  I'll show them  in the days ahead. 


                                      Too cheap to Segway

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