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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


     To get to it you had to squeeze past the Cherry Blossom Parade and the adjacent festival. The tiny pink flowers  were all over making slender trees look like bunched up cotton candy.

   I found it interesting to see them intermingled with flotsam in the Tidal Basin.

   I thought we might see the President stepping out in his bathrobe to fetch the paper.  If he did, I was prepared to wave and say "Hello!".     

  We did not see him.  Michelle her husband were probably sleeping in.

      Francesca and I stopped by the Viet Nam Memorial to say hello to three old friends, Bucky, Bruce, and Ron.

   By 8 there were flower fans all  over the basin area surrounded by statues and cherry trees.

 Here are a few other things we saw in Washington,
Jellyfish fossils found in Kansas, some 30-inches long.

The Moa we grabbed from Easter Island in 1886.

One of the planes my father flew (in the 40's) for Eastern Airlines.

What it will look like when the world ends,

 The river we must cross, before it ends, to find salvation,

 What our states look like on TV, and
Hawaii and Alaska were there too, off to the side.  St Croix was not included because it is only a territory.
What might be the interior of my brain.

 The art above was photographed at the Smithsonian Museum of America Art.


Alice in Cherryland

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