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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


    Last night Coconut Grove's city commissioner, Marc Sarnoff, went to bed  thinking, "Why don't my neighbors love me?"

  Grove residents turned out at the polls yesterday to tell him, "We vote 'No'. We don't love you -or your stupid Grand Bay shopping center- because you don't listen to us".   
  Grovites voted the Grove Bay measure down, 55% to 45% in yesterday's election, the one Sarnoff had vigorously campaigned for.

      Unfortunately, the entire City of Miami got to vote on this Grove issue allowing.  60 % of our misinformed neighbors voted for Grove Bay allowing it to pass.  It was reminiscent of the 1925 election in which the City of Miami annexed Coconut Grove, the one where a large majority of Grove voters said "No!" while the other Miami residents -in much greater numbers- voted to force the Grove to join of the City of Miami.

Coconut Grove has suffered ever since.

    The suffering continued yesterday as Sarnoff led the Grove Bay campaign.   Using his city hall clout, he raised enough money to outspend the Stop Grove Bay opposition, 20 to one.   Most voters, drowning is a sea of  campaign postcards and radio ads, only got to hear only one side of the issue.
    Commissioner Sarnoff intended for Grove Bay (and yesterday's election) to be his legacy, something for us to remember him by.  If it does get built (we still have a good chance to defeat it in court) we will look at the glitzy, glass, shoreline structure and say, "That's what Sarnoff dumped on us back in 2013".
   It may not get built.  Last night's election was just the first round of a long fight.  With three lawsuits brewing in circuit court, Coconut Grove residents may still win the Grove Bay fight.

   Francesca and I spent much of yesterday talking to Grove residents as they approached voting precincts. As we waved our "Vote No" signs most smiled, waved back, and said, "Stopping Grove Bay is the only reason I'm here".
   As we suffer the last two years of Marc Sarnoff's reign, let's hope for a miracle.  Let's hope he begins to represent our residents and do a few good things for Coconut Grove.
   As I write my last Grove Bay blog (for a while at least) I'd like to thank everyone who
contributed to "the cause".  We fought the good fight and thanks to the legal system, we still may win.

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